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[美国/深夜成人剧]Life on Top第二季 1-13集[MKV/平均每集140M]

时间: 2012年06月16日来源: 高清电影下载

导演: Kenny Golde / Amanda Goodwin / James Michaels
编剧: Charles Kline / Jess Roman / Joey Savage
主演: Mary LeGault / Heather Vandeven / Krista Ayne / Mia Presley
类型: 剧情 / 爱情
官方网站: www.cinemax.com/after-dark/life-on-top
制片国家/地区: 美国
语言: 英语
首播日期: 2010-10-04(美国)
集数: 13

LIFE ON TOP is a new erotic television series exploring the sex-filled adventures of four young women striving to make it in Manhattan.
  Sophie, an ambitious but naïve business school graduate who just broke up with her college boyfriend, moves to New York intent on making her mark at a venture capital firm. She"s shocked when she arrives at her older sister Bella"s fabulous city apartment and discovers that gorgeous, confident and outgoing Bella is also a very successful and much in demand erotic model with plenty of scandalous secrets to reveal. But Bella, who is not as tough as she seems, is also facing the reality of the limited lifespan of her beauty-obsessed profession and yearning for a more stable and meaningful relationship with that one special person.
  While Sophie is still burdened with some old-fashioned ideas about sexuality, she"s also envious of Bella"s glamorous, liberated girl-about-town lifestyle. And then there"s all those beautiful new people she"ll get to meet. There"s so much more to learn about life and love from an ever-expanding group of vibrant, sexually-charged girlfriends and the men who hover around them.
  LIFE ON TOP is based on the upcoming St. Martin"s novel by Clara Darling. 

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